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Cartier Love jewelry is your best gift from lovers

Many customers ask us that what’s the best gifts for their lovers, and I always tell them that will be the best choose – it means that the Cartier Love jewelry was born for lovers!
is a sign of Cartier love jewelry, the Cartier love bracelet lines including 18k white gold, yellow gold and pink gold, the size can be from size Replica Cartier Love Necklace 15 to size 19, so I can say that Cartier love bracelet can suitable for all men and women and it compare with a Cartier red box,it will be the only one! as a leading of online wholesale supplier, we offer the high quality replica Cartier Love jewelry for you. The price only 1/100 of original Cartier jewelry – Why we can offer the price so low? We are a factory-based wholesale supplier, so we can control our quality better then others online shop, and you buy products from us is factory price,.
Everyone love luxury products, Cartier as a royal jewelry brand, it’s not only be a status symbol but also fashionable. If you are a vogue queen, we suggest you to buy a – It’s a classical and timeless like Cartier love bracelet. And if you don’t like it, maybe also a good choose – the fashion design and diamonds paved will be catch everyone’s eyes in this summer.
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Van Cleef & Arpels Perlee Jewelry Make Me More Beautiful
Jewelry like a cup of liqueur, it can make me feel good. There are thousands of brand in all over the world, but I only love. It like Hennessy XO – sweetie and beautiful.
Most people told Van cleef & arpels jewelry, they always remember the Clover – it means happiness, healthy and love forever. But I want to said, I don’t love,I love the beads on the circle, it’s so difference from other brand jewelry. I never forget when I wear a Van Cleef & Arpels Perlee Necklace at first time, my friend said “Wow! It’s Cheap Amulette de Cartier Necklace so beautiful”. At that time, I feel the world was in my necklace! Perlee jewelry is a great collection of Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry. Now I will let you know the history of Perlee collection:
Each of the Perlée collection’s golden beads contains a wish. Van Cleef & Arpels Perlée pendants,  transform these wishes into a glittering cascade, touched with serenity and grace. Since these beads are hand-polished, each piece in the collection is unique.
The collection has been influenced by several elements from Van Cleef & Arpels’ rich heritage.
With playfulness and mischief, each of these golden beads evokes the legendary savoir-faire and creativity of the Maison.
Whimsical and refined, the Perlée collection is an ode to elegance and modernity. Van Cleef & Arpels unveils a light and playful spirit with jewels in white gold and pink gold to be mixed and matched at will.
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replica Hermes bracelets Auction number you know pigeon blood

From the long text description, you never really know about pigeon blood red? Never mind, BAZAAR Jewelry this time letting the data speak! Three questions about pigeon blood red hot, intuitive data analysis, read them, who still dare to say you don’t know Red?
Burmese pigeon blood Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Rings Ruby necklace, Bulgari. November 26, 2013 at Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction, sold for: $ 29,240,000
Myanmar Graff8.62 carat pigeon blood ruby ring
November 12, 2014 Sotheby’s autumn auction in Geneva
Valuation: 6,500,000~8,560,000 Swiss franc
Price: 8,285,000 CHF
(About RMB 52,564,000)
Clarke price: about RMB6,098,000
How Red is called pigeon blood red?
Editorial reviews: this authentic Burmese pigeon blood Ruby–Graff Ruby is a rare sharp on the field, and pigeon blood red with SSEF certification. And this really beautiful should not be compared to the pigeon blood Ruby, another the same originating in Myanmar, 10.74 CT natural Ruby was completely without heat treatment PK, clear color with purple tones, no pure Graff Ruby. Although weight higher and even reach more than 10 carats, but neither sold nor the carat unit price less than one-fiftieth of the Graff Ruby!
Cartier 10.1-carat cushion-shaped Burma
Pigeon blood Ruby and diamond brooch
November 25, 2014 at Christie’s Hong Kong autumn auction
Estimate: HK $ 20,000,000~30,000,000
Price: $ 65,080,000
(About RMB52,578,000)
Clarke price: approximately RMB 5,205,000
2014 Christie
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Pigeon blood red auction auction house data
Average price: 14,500,090 Hong Kong dollars (about RMB 11,714,000)
2~3 carats average carat price: approximately RMB 366,000
10 carats average carat price: approximately RMB 5,205,00
Editorial reviews: by 2014 year Christie’s auction house as an example, taken on the lowest price of all item pigeon blood Ruby for an arc of Ruby Earrings, ring set, sold more than 500,000 yuan, the highest 10.1 Carat pigeon blood rubies in Myanmar from Cartier brooch, lots were sold to more than 50 million Yuan, has become in recent years the Supreme of pigeon blood red. 11 pieces of pigeon blood Ruby sold more than 10 million Yuan on average, with one main item of stone 2 carats the largest proportion, average carat price exceeded 360,000.
10.74 Carat Burmese ruby ring
The November 12, 2014
Sotheby’s autumn auction in Geneva
Valuation: 19,500 ~39,000
Swiss franc
Price: 161,000 Swiss francs (about RMB 1,021,000)
Clarke price: about RMB95,000
Pigeon blood-how many?
Editorial reviews: the pigeon blood Ruby is Cheap Van Cleef Clover Ring one of the most popular gems on the auction, but its appearance high frequencies far from Emerald, diamond, because its own production is very rare, can be determined much as pigeon blood red Ruby. Statistics found that Christie’s pigeon blood Ruby appears the most times, almost 10 per cent a year, another large pigeon blood red to multicolored poly Hong Kong auction featured auctions, pigeon blood Ruby items reached 21. Of course, the pigeon blood Ruby’s judgment with the auction house’s own standards are related, for example, Sotheby’s auction house in addition to famous GraffRuby, and others are not is pigeon blood red Ruby evaluation and description.
Hermes jewelry explained:Gold can cure it?
Hermes jewelry explained:Gold can cure it?
Some of old comrades, encountered a descendant or spouse is sick. Proposed that they have some “date,” claiming that diseases can be cured. This “date” is what whom? It is made of gold or gold jewelry is placed in the water to a boil. In fact. This has no scientific basis. “The date ‘” and can cure the problem of the good. This strange phenomenon. Are people age, cultures and religious beliefs. Other than that. Civil fine legends, also allows people to substitute fantasy a reality. Such as the legend of the descending God Almighty yaxie yellow. “The date” link. Through the ages. In a foreign country, or in our country have this kind of story, ancient Greece when a sailor to wear. “Lucky charm”-gemstone gold rings. To ensure safe and sound.
Something had to say back. Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Ring Gold is not of no medical value. Modern scientific research has shown that. Gold does have the efficacy of the treatment of certain diseases, but it requires a very complex processing and post processing. Can be applied. This “date” are two different things.
Only one color of gold
We all think that. Color is yellow-gold. Even with the changes. Is yellow with red or yellow-green, and so on. In fact, gold color and only one, its color as well as black, pink. Purple. Blue, rose, and so on. These gorgeous colors. Greatly enriches the decorative effect of jewelry, jewelry styles were changed, so that some of the previously little-known jewelry, emits a strange glory. Have been enacted in 1984, seven major jewelry companies in Hong Kong jointly organized by “East Oriental ornaments featured exhibition”, the black gold diamond jewelry is stunning eyes and ears. By visitors and judges alike. Fake Hermes Jewelry Replica Hermes jewelry Replica Hermes rings Selling cheap jewelry
If you compare the past gold its Replica Van Cleef Between the Finger Ring color had to be tested, some gold material for sale, quality standard was very high. This is not the case …
Different colors of gold material, caused by the end of the day is full of techniques. Such as blue gold is injected into drilling technology of wood. Yes, sure. These processes are not as easy to get to. Some countries over decades. Tapping out a sample, so. This kind of process States are confidential. Black gold material referred to above. From France designed and developed, in addition to it, there is no other country in the world to fully open the secrets of this material. By the way. Despite the color varied, but its alloy content standards are the same, such as 18K value is 75%. Sceptical of its color accuracy is not.

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Making use of Cartier love bracelet regarding

Cartier Love bracelet being a romantic wedding ceremony jewellery
The wedding ceremony is certainly anything about a lady. Irrespective of the dress, the jewellery, all points are all picked to aid Replica Cartier Earrings make the female standout equivalent to a princess. So probably the most vital matter should be to selection a excellent jewellery, and well known Cartier Love bracelet will content you.
In reality, it is actually her day time. brides’ jewellery is usually significant in that day, I believe the day would be the unforgettable day within a womans daily life, please give her a amazing wedding ceremony with some charming jewellery. in the event you selection Cartier appreciate jewellery ,you won’t contemplate the situation. An additional matter cant be ignored is the fact that. the bridesmaids will even be there to boost the female also as make the whole entourage visual appeal excellent simultaneously. The bridal get with each other jewellery should not outshine compared to the bride’s Cartier Love bracelet. you need to be on the spending budget, it may be wise to think about low-cost bride jewellery to reduce the charge. Simply because, wedding ceremony occasion jewellery for bridesmaids should improve the brides to become attire, in situation the bride-to-be is alternative Cartier Love bangle, bridesmaids can put on silver jewellery as an option to hold the selling price controllable. Deciding on the bridesmaids Fake Cartier Love Earrings attire is stage a single in acquiring bridesmaids jewellery sets. The bridesmaid’s jewellery will generally really need to accentuate the gown original. Following, the jewellery will have to also enrich the common idea of one’s wedding ceremony. Start operating outwards out of your brides attire, operating with each other with hues and products to chose a style and design and search. When this phase is carried out, finding bridesmaid jewellery can develop into effortless.
Another primary piece of bride jewellery will be the bracelet. Also appropriate for her Cartier Love bracelet, the Cartier Love bracelet is fantastic decision. And taking into consideration the bridesmaids will endure grasping their rose bouquets, charms might be magnificent and pleasing. Bridesmaids can opt to use dress mitts or otherwise not dependent on their costume. Charms may perhaps be probably contrasting or complementary and chunkier than other sections. This is certainly also an extraordinary probability to make use of outfit bridesmaid jewellery. Attraction charms are rather classy as well as fairly priced bridesmaid jewellery. Also it permits the brand new bride along with the bridesmaids to provide their particular individual come to feel for your wedding ceremony get together jewellery. For example, the charms over the bridesmaids’ bracelet might be made the decision on to symbolize the romantic endeavors while in the predicament or perhaps the companionship of one’s bridesmaids. A corsage can absolutely be a fundamental and affordable substitute to well-liked expensive bridesmaid jewellery.
You can find a lot of facet inside a romantic wedding ceremony. Cartier adore jewellery for instance Really like bangle, Cheap Cartier Juste un Clou Earrings  white gold and so forth, individuals items will make it additional unforgettable.
Making use of love bracelet with regard to woman
Trendy bracelet of Cartier in sizzling models
Gold has essentially been thought to be a important materials thinking about the truth that its to start with utilized in ancient instances, and metallic bracelets have invariably been well known for adornment, for the two gals and males. Let us overview what "sterling gold" is the expression is often complicated, just just before I talk about the five most in-demand metallic bracelet kinds.
Sterling silver is certainly an alloy of 92.five % metallic with seven.five % copper. This mixture is far more difficult than real gold that permits for further longevity pertaining to jewellery. Significantly silver jewellery is plated through the use of a lean coating of great silver let it a glistening finish. Cartier Love bracelet isn’t gonna tarnish, but sterling silver does. So I conclude this document with guidance on attending to silver jewellery. These offered in patterns various from effortless surface finishes to textured, patterns, and colored varieties. Acceptance of bangle and cuff bracelets assistance producing utilization of a lot of charms all at as soon as. Loved by youthful grownups and presently the Hollywood starlet image. Just the point to the youthful at soul!
Some really well known bracelets of one’s contemporary days are attractiveness bracelets, camaraderie charms, sports activities bracelets and slap charms. Wearers of every considered one of these maintain some style of design or public impression by building their use. You’ll find a loaded selection of charms attainable for all those who mainly begun looking for people designer component. Bracelets this kind of as Cartier Love bracelet, Vibrant Valuable gold Bracelets, Figaro Bracelets, Diamond Bracelets and pink gold Bracelets are a few of the most respected kinds of today’s time. All main fashion homes, independent on the acknowledged ornament suppliers, do also inspire and introduction Amulette de Cartier Earrings Outlet their particular charms ever so usually.
The carrying out the task gals now give preference to customized charms that happen to be largely unisex. Vibrant and delightful things a great deal such as the earthenware charms have generally enchanted the head of guys encircling you. At business enterprise workplace, get together or whereas chilling out, attempt on many of the most effective collections of ceramic charms launched with all the celebrated jewellery merchants. Stylish charms in sizzling patterns get a search magnificent above the wrists. Your splendor can a lot more productive be magnified in the Knockoff Cartier Trinity Earrings event the charms are equaled although working with apparels for you personally to get dressed in. Porcelain ceramic charms is usually had in several hues and this also different with the quite a few hues can grant a beautiful curiosity the pink gold bracelets. Blue is surely an superb shade that plays basic issue in detaching the tiredness while retaining you balanced. Examples in the ceramic charms made through the renowned companies can help you to aid retain your muscle problems beneath handle consequently boosting your resistance in the direction of all varieties of problems.
It’s the ideal for somebody to place off obtaining important add-ons till you might have established at first your garments as well as your hairstyle. They’re critical options of the private fashion and lots of kinds of every one particular needs to correspond to definitely obviously Cheap Cartier Diamond Earrings though making use of other. These about 3 components ought like a approach to frame your individual type accurately, emphasizing your biggest attributes and hiding your worst variety of the individual.

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Brand unprecedented hope to narrow the relationship with the

Brand unprecedented hope to narrow the relationship with the consumer. 100 years of fashion week system is from the inspiration for the media and buyers to provide internal ritual, into a series of direct consumer-oriented fashion activities and social media movement.
“The British Fashion Association has always encouraged fashion shows should be closer to consumers and become a direct means of promoting sales in the future we will see more and more brands to adopt this model.” London Fashion Week organizers British Fashion Association CEO Caroline Rush said to First Financial Weekly. Rush’s statement replica cartier bracelet strongly echoed the changes in New York Fashion Week.
Milan and Paris are completely in the opposite camp.
Ralph Toledano, chairman of the French Fashion Association, said, “Paris is a well-deserved fashion capital of creativity in our view, the current fashion system is still valid.” The members of the Association, including Hermès, Dior and Balenciaga and other traditional luxury brands The
01 Karl Lagerfeld also launched a series of capsules, bypassing the media and buyers, directly to the retail store. 02-04 were from 2016 Paris, Milan, New York Fashion Week walk map. Social networking and live have let more people concerned about fashion week information, but now, people are increasingly concerned about the fashion season of the new tricks. 05 stars are fashion week VIP, they and the media, responsible for bringing back the consumer desire to buy fashion.
Dior CEO Sidney Toledano said, “that is to see buy” is only some companies to promote speculation means. “Desire and dream are two parts of the buying process: marketing will kill creativity. Delayed satisfaction is part of the luxury field.” He also cited an example, you have a Swatch watch, take it to repair, The next day will be able to retrieve. You have a Patek Philippe, need to repair the Place Vend me, and they tell you to get back in four months, then you will say, “Wow, this watch is special.
Toledano’s words are clearly stressed, do not be fast fashionable rise in the market dazzled. Karl Lagerfeld is also a supporter of this camp, “I can show and sell my series, give people a certain time to make their own choice.We can order, we will make them very beautifully produced, the media can shoot the perfect fashion large , If you can not do this, then all finished. “Lagerfeld in Milan Fashion Week Fendi show field background said.
Like Fendi in the fake cartier bracelet world with 210 shops of large fashion brand, fully capable of the market needs to update the speed of the product, but Lagerfeld insisted that the formation of consumer desire to buy the impulse to a large extent need time to cultivate, this process Including media coverage and ad warm-up.
For many small brands, the market pressure to let them take the initiative to seek change. Some brands collectively canceled the catwalk in London Fashion Week. When Rebecca Taylor canceled last year’s New York Fashion Week’s catwalk, sales of its products increased significantly when it was sold and sold online.
Michael Kors these two years with several IT bags more and more people know
New York Fashion Week is concerned by the fashion trend of the most fashion week, because there is no shortage of cultural collision spark, this season is a fashion hippie parade.
Pragmatism of Michael Kors
Michael Kors these two years with several IT bags more and more people know. He is the kind of love of Paris, but the bones or the actual economy of the Americans, he is always designed in the real world can wear clothes. LVMH Group was the first Cline handed his hand, and later invested in his personal brand, the reason is to value his ability to achieve liquidity. “I want to design clothes for those who can not escape the metropolis.” This season’s T-station works include all the needs of women from the office to the party, and in the cardigan, suit, Coats in the coat occasionally flashed the bikini style shirt and revealed their holiday expectations.
Michael Kors’ spring and summer series is surprising to have a lot of Looks for the cold weather, from cashmere to fur. So you can see the cut to the cashmere coat and close to the skin perfect shape of the sheepskin small jacket with A word skirt, white fur shawl and Bermuda shorts  match, as well as printing, grass green and chocolate color abstract Flowers from the hot pants open to the dress … …
Oscar de Ia Renta’s Renaissance “Black Lady”
Oscar de Ja Renta started with the media that his source of inspiration was “pretty”. Anne and Mary Fitton, the aristocratic sisters of the golden age of the Renaissance, is the “black lady” of Shakespeare’s sonnet, which is his inspiration for this season. So, of course, the ralph laurel and lace become the protagonist of the show field, coupled with indispensable in every field of printing and classic dress skirt, elegant is Oscar de Ia Renta unchanged brand DNA.
Forever hippie line of Anna sui
Anna Sui has always been adhering to the cheap cartier bracelet Bohemian style, free to wandering hippie wind is always the T stage of the main melody, although her quarterly source of inspiration strange, but eventually presented out of the tassels never flawless, printing and purple This is a three-course dish. 2014 spring and summer Anna Sui’s inspiration is the history of British painting rock star – Raphael faction (to advocate back to the pre-Renaissance real unmodified painting style known). Of course, also mixed with the designer near the Indonesian tour recently brought the feeling, hoping to wear the golden crown in the Bali dancers hair, well, the designer’s inspiration is very stream of consciousness, but those oriental figurative pattern And the Western abstract geometric patterns mixed together, golden embroidery and ancient Persian robe, butterfly-shaped necklace and ubiquitous tassels, the whole show is the most elegant hippie parade.
Born in 1735, Blancpain Blancpain has always been known for its exquisite handmade craftsmanship and impressive R & D strength
Blancpain Men ‘s Watch
Born in 1735, Blancpain Blancpain has always been known for its exquisite handmade craftsmanship and impressive R & D strength. Enamel, as the “Seven Arts in Geneva,” the ancient manual skills, for hundreds of years stand in the top of the traditional watch technology. Today, Blancpain Blancpain still as an indispensable watchmaking tradition. In the coming Christmas, Blancpain Blancpain portrait of two enamel process in the selection of the essence – black enamel watch as the ultimate example of choice, in the details of the mature men sketches the wisdom of charm, tell the classic timekeeper And the charm of men’s indissoluble … …
Unlike enamel painted bright enchanting, black enamel seems to have inherent calm of the general style of the wind. Seemingly ordinary, does not know it is all kinds of enamel in the firing of the most difficult color. If you want to achieve the highest standards of pure color and saturation, you need 900 degrees to 1200 degrees in the large-scale open flame glaze layers, repeated firing, each of which processes are undertaking a high risk, a slight flaw will come to naught . In addition, the dial surface processing, forming or window cutting is even more difficult, the need for knockoff cartier bracelet 18k gold perfection process can be completed. Therefore, the black enamel production rate is extremely scarce, but also particularly valuable.
Uphold the spirit of exploration of traditional craftsmanship, Blancpain Blancpain watchmakers from generation to generation never fear the limits of challenge, with superb skill and very skillful ingenuity of art, the achievements of a heart of a unique enamel Zhenpin: At the same time, more from the industry come to the fore, as the only strength to create convex watch enamel dial brand.
“Lotus” dynamic heart blooming Blancpain Ms. Blancpain watch Christmas Pierre recommended
With the colorful Christmas comes quietly, Blancpain once again condensed ingenuity, the wonderful ideas and craftsmanship perfect presented in the small wrist space. Smart Fairy flowers, crystal dewdrops, magnificent diamonds, she gestures between the glamorous and refined elegance, but also for this romantic winter add a trace of delusional poetic fantasy.
Blancpain Blancpain adhering to the same strain of the “tradition and innovation” spirit, this Lotus series of ultra-thin Ms. Blancpain Blancpain watch thoughtful and superb craftsmanship of the perfect fusion. Watchmakers ingenuity will be hand-painted floral patterns on the white mother of pearl dial on top, exquisite delicate place to bring out the women’s soft graceful. Diamond-dotted dew drops in the petals in the looming, a few ruby dew from the interpretation of the restless jump in it, smart and playful to tell the vitality of the winter. Watch the edge of the table to take a very creative streamlined cable edge design, two rows of exquisite diamonds inlaid diamonds will be bright Guanghua lock in the wrist, giving the wearer a gentle temperament charming temperament.
Such a poetic Pi Zhenpi, naturally to carry Blancpain Blancpain impeccable movement technology. This watch Blancpain Blancpain 1150 self-winding ultra-thin movement. 18-carat white gold case, 34 mm in diameter, 9.5 mm thick; by the 28 precious stones inlaid 188 components, power reserve 100 hours, while the movement thickness of only 3.25 mm. This classic timekeeper in such a small dial in the successful interpretation of the extraordinary hand-painted and jewelry mosaic process. Its delicate appearance and practical function both, making Blancpain Blancpain in the female watchmaking industry is unique, come to the fore.
This watch with a white satin strap, like silk velvet-like gloss, elegant style for the fresh and refined icing on the cake. In addition, the same series of women’s watch there are two other combinations to choose from: gray mother of pearl with white satin strap: pink mother of pearl with pink satin strap. So that her unique personality in the winter, distributed unique chic charm.

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Silver and gold, is a long history of precious metals, has been 4,000 years of

Silver and gold, is a long history of precious metals, has been 4,000 years of history. Silver, shiny and bright, is a minority, Buddhism and Islam favorite ornaments. Silver jewelry is also the people of all ethnic groups presented to the newborn baby’s preferred gift. Recently, Europe and the United States under the influence of the influx of thought, wearing Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Earrings easy to oxidize the black silver inlaid blue turquoise jewelry, gives the infinite beauty of ancient civilization reverie. In the country, sterling silver jewelry has gradually become a modern fashion women’s favorite choice. However, some people found that the body wearing silver was originally bright silver, actually turned into a “black gold.” So master the appropriate method to remove the silver jewelry on the black rust, so silver jewelry to become silver bright again, it is necessary.
Here to share the life of silver jewelry rust method.
The principle of rust silver jewelry silver jewelry rust
In order to quickly and effectively remove the silver jewelry on the black rust, so that jewelry re-glory, we must first understand the principle of black silver. Silver is an unstable element that is prone to chemical action with sulfur, resulting in blackening. Human sweat contains a lot of sulfur, contact with the silver, it will take effect. Moreover, if people are in some polluted environment, the air acid gas, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide and other compounds more time, will lead to black silver. Moreover, Cheap Van Cleef Clover Earrings silver color change may also be due to a serious shortage of ingredients. Even if the exclusion of the above, under normal circumstances, silver jewelry will be about six months to wear the surface oxidation, color becomes dim, luster.
Rust method
With cotton dipped in white vinegar to wipe, black silver sulfide dissolved in the acid, silver jewelry again shiny. Wipe with alcohol or sodium carbonate, the effect is also very good.
First wash the surface with a detergent, then sodium thiosulfate solution (100 grams of water by adding 20 grams of sodium thionate sodium preparation) cleaning, and then washed with water can be.
With tartaric acid l, alum 1 and 10 copies of salt, mixed heated to boiling, the jewelry immersion; 10 minutes after the removal, washed with water and then wipe dry.
Spray with ammonia water, or wipe with a toothpaste on the flannel, the same can restore its original luster.
Wear silver jewelry precautions
Do not wear other precious metal jewelry when wearing silverware to avoid deformation or abrasion.
Avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals, avoid swimming, especially in the sea.
Wear it every day and Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Earrings wipe it with a cotton cloth and put it in a jewelry box or bag.
Has been oxidized black, you can use a soft brush brush toothbrush, you can also hand rub soap or detergent, etc. cleaning. It is impossible to deal with clean water only scrub with water, after washing with cotton cloth to dry.
Abstract: The article introduces the difference between ordinary gold and high purity gold jewelry from concept
Abstract: The article introduces the difference between ordinary gold and high purity gold jewelry from concept, national standard and monitoring data, hoping to provide reference and help for the relevant staff.
Key words: ordinary gold; high purity gold; difference
Gold is the earliest discovery and use of metal, because of its brilliant colors, eye-catching metallic luster, excellent physical and chemical properties and rare production, more and more it will be used as precious ornaments of the material, as a symbol of wealth.
With the Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace continuous progress of social development and update, the National Standardization Management Committee approved the release of GB 11887-2012 “Jewelry precious metals purity of the provisions and naming method” No. 1 amendment, since May 4, 2016 from the implementation, in order to more in line with China National conditions and market demand, the precious metals and their alloys to remove the highest range of purity range “thousands of feet”, the definition of only “foot”, that jewelry content of not less than 990 ‰ of jewelry, collectively referred to as gold.
At present, the gold jewelry on the market mainly to 18K gold, gold, thousands of gold, million gold sales, many consumers believe that the higher the higher the value of purity, spend huge sums of money to buy high-purity jewelry to wear, to highlight the distinguished Identity. What is the difference between the purity of gold jewelry it? From the following three aspects to explain in detail.
1 concept difference
From the current national standard GB 11887-2012 “jewelry precious metal purity of the provisions and naming method” proposed: 18K purity of the minimum minimum value of 750 ‰; full gold purity of the minimum value of 990 ‰; thousands of gold purity of the smallest thousand Value of 999 ‰. And pure gold it?
From the network search million gold terms, Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Necklace million gold and million gold, million gold, million pure supreme, pure gold and so on are used to describe the gold content of 99.99% of the jewelry. The basic concept is: gold content of 999.9 ‰ of gold as raw material, the use of “9999 gold welding process” processed jewelry, in accordance with corporate standards from the raw materials into the factory to the factory to track the whole process to ensure that the overall quality of the same product quality All to 999.9 ‰ of gold jewelry.
Raw materials 999.9 ‰ can be from the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Shanghai Stock Exchange referred to) verification, the No. 1 sheet material color content of 999.9 ‰. Unprocessed raw materials of its fineness of 999.9 ‰, and from the processing point of view, the purity can only be less than or equal to 999.9 ‰, rather than greater than or equal to.
From the conceptual differences,
Using the numerical representation of 750 ‰, 990 ‰, 999 ‰ is the expression of its minimum, is a range, the other means followed Cheap Van Cleef Clover Necklace by 18K, full gold, thousands of gold; and 999.9 ‰ is a numerical expression, with other means: Gold / million gold “, the expression is not established, but only as a brand.
2 national standard 
The latest standard GB 11887-2012 “Jewelry precious metals purity of the provisions and naming method” in the gold and its alloy purity up to thousands of gold, the minimum value of thousands of thousands of purity, you can understand the full amount of gold ≥ 999 ‰, the so-called 9999 or Higher purity belong to the category of thousands of gold (24K theoretical purity of 1000 ‰, the actual does not exist).
Standard GB / T 28016-2011 “gold alloy jewelry gold content of the weight method,” the scope of a chapter that: This standard applies to the determination of gold content of 700.0 ‰ ~ 999.5 ‰ gold alloy jewelry and products.
Standard GB / T 21198.4-2007 Determination of Precious Metals in Precious Metal Alloy Jewelery ICP Spectroscopy Part 4: Determination of the Precious Metals Content of Precious Metals in Precious Metals Jewelery “In the midpoint of the range, this section Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Necklace states that this part is applicable to the content of 999% Precious metal alloy jewelry.
Standard GB / T 9288-2006 “Determination of gold content of gold alloy jewelry ash blowing method (fire test method)” GB 11887-2012 designated gold alloy jewelry gold content analysis of the arbitration method, in its scope chapter that: This standard applies to the gold content of 333.0 ‰ ~ 999.5 ‰ of gold and K gold jewelry (excluding platinum, rhodium and other insoluble nitric acid components) Determination of gold content. It can be seen that the arbitration method can not distinguish the 9999 jewelry is pure purity of 999.9 ‰, has exceeded its content detection range.