Cartier is a luxury brand from France, its jewelry, watches, the design and manufacture of a very high achievement! Cartier watches are top tables, especially in the eyes of the status of women is very high. So how to identify the Cartier watch true and false? Let the watch home to tell you.
Case: Cartier Cartier watches, Cartier Replica Love Ring especially K gold watches, watch on the logo more, such as the balance of the pattern, 18K or 750 mark, St. Bernard’s dog head or “protect the goddess” of the woman’s head mark, These marks are stamping very small and clear, imitation table are often thick and fuzzy.
Pointer: where the Cartier watch, which is  characterized by the use of “blue steel” needle more, false watch the needle is often made light blue, and the actual real table is dark blue. CARTIER Cartier original pointer surface plating is very bright, very flat, the shape of the rules and slim (especially the second hand), the needle on the night and the color on the dial is the same.
Dial: dial print (including score scale, English letters) are clear, black, raised, and false table of this point are doing well, many are fuzzy, dim and not raised. Cartier dial is characterized by the location of 7 o’clock or 10 o’clock position, there is a very small oblique printed “CARTIER” letters, which most can check its printing level.
Back cover: it is Cartier Juste un Clou Ring Copy easier to see Cartier CARTIER watch back cover, back cover above are lettering, including licensing, case, case material, model, production serial number and so on. True form of the lettering is very clear, deep, strokes more “thin”, the font is smaller; and false form of the stroke is rough, different shades, layout is not beautiful, logo fuzzy.
Strap: and then need to observe the strap, strap discount nails, discount surface finish, fake table to do are not good. For example, wearing a nail outcrop rough, non-round there are traces of processing, discount surface finish is not bright, shape and chamfering is not standardized, there is a screw hole at the presence of burrs, these phenomena are false Cartier CARTIER watch typical features.
Production serial number: the original table production serial number is engraved, very deep and very clear, if it is engraved on the table after the cover, it will be consistent with the back cover of the arc, that is, the number also arc Arranged, and imitation table is generally Fake Amulette de Cartier Ring horizontal straight line. The current production of  watches are the number of engraved in a claw position behind the figures were carved very small and dense, this method is still imitation of imitation. High imitation table production serial number are basically a number, and whether it is male or female form, and no matter what type.
Guarantee card
Swiss Cartier watches usually have 2 to 4 guarantee card (depending on the watch models), are dark red, and the same size as the credit card. Printed on the table number (table number, production serial number, the number of mobile phone and cover the blue chapter), and watch one by one correspondence. Guaranteed card content: Includes international warranty, precision timepiece proof, natural diamond guarantee and watch function guarantee. High imitation table often have the number does not correspond, the function does not correspond and no salesman blue chapter of the situation.
Cartier watches to choose the model is very much, the price from more than ten thousand to the million range, before the purchase can query the official offer, if you find a lot of the price on the watch thousands of thousands or even Cheap Trinity de Cartier Ring hundreds of Cartier watches, Believe it is genuine, it can be said that this is certainly a fake, that is, high imitation of the watch.
German watch brand Zeppelin watch function and watchmaking process, with classical aesthetics or fashion elements, designed a different German watch. This watch style is also popular in the market. But the counterfeit products on the market is also very much, for everyone not deceived, watch home for everyone to introduce the way to identify the authenticity of the way Zibo Lin watch!
1, the general table is the most easy to expose the watch brand LOGO, especially the watch brand LOGO on the surface. You can use 4 times the eyepiece carefully look at their workmanship. If it is a metal watch brand LOGO real table as bright as Fake Cartier Nail Ring new, false watch watch brand LOGO edge rough, and some are not rules; if it is paint word, real table edge smooth and no burr, fake paint the edge of the word slightly opened Traces, and the font has a depth, with 8 times the eyepiece can see more clearly.
2, the sound: In general, in addition to the Swiss movement of the 2824,2836 and other false statements, the other movement is the frequency of 21600, you only need to pick up in the ear to listen to, almost all the slower tick, and now Most of the real table are more than 28800 frequency, but many real table also slow down, so this is just one point.
3, polished: look at the watch grinding method is delicate, Cartier panther ring knockoff like Zibo Lin’s grinding is very particular about, and the process of counterfeiting is far from the process.
4, the pointer: the pointer can be genuine from , thickness, shape and material and fake distinction.
5, some real table number is appear in the table of different locations, and fake only in the table after the cover appears.
6, if the test will be qualified if the certificate will be issued and will send a laser anti-counterfeit signs.