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Holiday Gifting Trends
On trend. What exactly is “on trend” and how is one supposed to stay up to date with the ever-changing, ever-expanding and ever-complex list of current trends?!
Don’t fret just yet, because is here to help!
If you haven’t noticed (how could you not), the holiday season is upon us. Meaning, gifting season is also upon us; which is almost as terrifying and confusing as trying to follow along with the latest trends. No one wants to be that gifter. You know which one I mean. The one that receives a very forced and almost sympathetic “thank you” after having given a gift that you thought was THE BEST gift ever. News flash! No one wants another bath bomb or a fancy water bottle.
So, instead of being that gifter this year, why not be the trendiest gifter of all! You’ll forever be known as “the cool aunt” or the “in-the-know mom.” I know I could get down with those reputations.
To help you claim that reputation, I’ve put together a few of the trendiest gifts this holiday season for everyone on your list!
For the man in your life (or soon to be in your life after this gift exchange):
You’ll hear no Cheap Van Cleef Clover Bracelet complaints about wanting to “hurry up and turn on the game” after giving this sleek and sophisticated For the woman who always has to make a statement:
We all have that individual in our life that makes sure everyone notices when she walks into the room. Sometimes it can be a bit much, but we love them anyways! So this holiday, indulge her flashier side with a pair (or three!) of stunning statement earrings in 
For the friend who needs help organizing:
Not everyone can have everything in their life completely together. That’s where you, the trendiest gifter of all, come in! Give the gift of organizational peace this season with this beautiful It might not solve all aspects of your friend’s dysfunctional life, but at least she’ll know where her jewelry is, so she can be stylish through all the crazy!
For the young (or young at heart) ones in your life:
This cool gift can melt the frozen heart of any Grinch in your life. Plus, this will make sure you’re always on time in 2018!
And for the chic, stylish, and (forever reminding you) mature “young adults” in your life, a leather with their initial will make them feel like Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Bracelet the trendy grownup they insist they are.
For the friend who is a little bit “extra”:
Though we lovingly embrace our friends for who they are the all year long, the holidays provide us an opportunity to encourage their more eccentric side. A little bit of jewelry flare from these Artisan of Bali bracelets, is the perfect gift for your friends that definitely walk to the beat of their own drum. For a little “extra” sparkle, add the to your gift!
For the ones who want everyone to know when their birthday is:
For the friend who may be slightly self-involved when it comes to celebrating, give the gift of forever being able to remember their birthday with these gorgeous birthstone necklaces! Your friends will be so excited that you know which birthstone is theirs and that they now know you have no excuse to celebrate them when comes around.
And for your friends who rock:
And finally, for those friends who are colorful, hard, lustrous… oh wait I’m describing rocks aren’t I? But hey, it still works! Give the gift of awe and discovery with gorgeous like these.