Buy bag such as love Classic is a lifetime of love
Invest now, be stylish forever – fashion believe in “investment classic modern life”, female people is believed in the ““! Year-end bonuses pertain, how to invest the handbag? The following ten bag some of which have been popular for more than half a century into legend, some once born will be a star supermodel rush It bag. At the beginning of the New Year, 18k Gold Cheap Cartier Ring investment in the wrong handbag, a year of attendance; Investment by the way, they can accompany you fashionable for decades.
Celine Classic
Year of birth: 2010
Classic bags for straight profile is also known as “the box (box)”, is said to be the creative director, Phoebe Philo’s favorite. “Box” bag with clean lines with high quality leather by fashion, but also has appeared in the street snap. Brand Logo is a low profile at the bottom of the printed on the gold buckle, Celine has always been low-key costly style is this bag is deduced to get incisively and vividly.
A Chanel Classic Flap
Year of birth: 2005
Design of Coco Chanel 2.55 handbags legend was born in 1955, 2005 galeries lafayette Karl unabashed Lagerfeld took 2.55 handbags “50th birthday”, personally designed ClassicFlap handbags. Called “classic” handbag is made up of small, square buckle into the double C 2.55 turn buckle, clever to cater to the logo trend; Metal chain became the leather through metal chain. Annual, quarterly galeries lafayette is in a powerful and unconstrained style ideas and Cartier Ring Replica material colour profusion, enter new vigor for the “classic” handbag is a continuously. Said Classic Flap bag is one of the most coveted handbags, women never exaggerated.
Chanel Le Boy
Year of birth: 2011
LeBoy galeries lafayette is Karl unabashed Lagerfeld another masterpiece, in 2011 was named the Boy, is originated from ms Chanel’s Boyish style. Le Boy package type is concise and easy, the basic shape of a rectangle, pay attention to play the pattern on the color, material and stitching. Restoring ancient ways of rare material, chain, Mosaic hollow out design, high saturation of the color elements such as flexible use of patent leather and velvet, whether you are a cool girl and sprouting girl, or a modern hot mom, Le Boy like across age for everyone.
Chloe Faye
Year of birth: 2014
Chloe, 2015 spring and summer clothing on a big show to blow a stream of Bohemian, Faye handbags once associated with appearance was promoted to the It bag, rapid fire all over world. Handsome metal chain connected to comfortable wrist strap, concise and easy round buckle design and rules of founder package body sparks of the women gentle and strong fashionable. Seemingly frail Faye has three big sandwich, beyond imagination space to guarantee the practicability of the fashionable handbags.
Hermes Constance
Year of birth: 1959
First appeared in 1959, Hermes Constance bag bag day coincided with the designer has a son, so he was named after this package with her children. The little single shoulder bag buckles design is big brand Logo H. Don’t look chubby Constance modelling is simple, each style need bags but how skillful craftsman takes 14 hours, using nearly 50 small cowhide and 6 pieces of metal to complete. Carry a Hermes Hermes, people always think of Birkin platinum bag and Fake Cartier Ring Kelly Kelly bag, to know Constance is “a difficult beg”, scarcity worse!
Dior Diorama
Year of birth: 2014
2015 out of the limelight Diorama condensed avant-garde geometrical element and feminine exquisite luxury for a suit. Package surface embedded in the signature element Cannage cane plaid, chic silver metallic hide something with colored enamel badges lock. Diorama handbags Dior has always elegant, inclusion is lightsome, line is simple, which woman in hand fondle admiringly.
Delvaux Le Brilliant
Year of birth: 1958
From Belgium established handbags Delvaux even is a year older than countries (independence became a constitutional monarchy in 1930 in Belgium, Delvaux brand was founded in 1929). Le Brilliant handbag not only have the elegant three-dimensional profile and perfect proportion, with makings also have come from the best leather and ostrich leather rare leather. Craftsmen to choose the most beautiful soft leather also has been worn and faded degrees such as complex testing, to enter the manual cutting link, 64 pieces of leather and metal parts to patchwork process. So exquisite craft to ensure that the handbag withstand the baptism of time, create classic.
Delvaux Le Tempete
Year of birth: 1967
Tempete came out in 1967 by famous designer in Belgium PaulGoethals design, architectural geometry line, delicate clipping, and low-key shining metal decoration are iconic elements of bags. Side band adjustable capacity, production process rigorous attitude to adhere Cartier Ring Knockoff to in the tradition of Brilliant handbags all handmade, annual production quantity is limited, need appointment in advance before buying.
Gucci Dionysus
Year of birth: 2015
Gucci’s new creative director Alessandro Michele to Greek mythology wine god Dionysus for inspiration to design the package, and wine package god. Restoring ancient ways is the founder of profile been romantic printing is tender out a cultural and artistic temperament, two tigers head lock and metal chain collision hale handsome fashionable feeling. Not as the fairy tales: wine god deliberately incarnation as tiger carrying the beautiful young girl crossing the river so romantic?
Louis Vuitton Capucines
Year of birth: 2013
Capucines handbags gets its name from the 1854 Louis Vuitton Rue des Capucines in Paris street opened the first store. Luxury soft Taurillon leather handle, quite rich and elegant, simple sense hale and hearty, the outline of and low-key shining metal lock are iconic elements of this handbag. Bag buckles if outside, can show the classic Monogram service printing on the inside can skillfully shows Louis Vuitton initials chic logo. Don’t want to buy a full avenue are Speedy and Neverfull? The investment in an elegant atmosphere Capucines!
Loewe Puzzle
Year of birth: 2015
Since the designer Jonathan Anderson in one hundred after the veteran Loewe, brand handbags as rejuvenation is permeated with green vigor. Spring/summer 2015 shows on the Puzzle of as the name implies, such as jigsaw flexibility is very interesting, the joining together of solid geometry design can make the package body like origami arbitrary pose different modelling, even flat like a piece of paper! Puzzle handbags with portable, side back, oblique ku, backpacks and hand back five kinds of practical method.