Silver and gold, is a long history of precious metals, has been 4,000 years of history. Silver, shiny and bright, is a minority, Buddhism and Islam favorite ornaments. Silver jewelry is also the people of all ethnic groups presented to the newborn baby’s preferred gift. Recently, Europe and the United States under the influence of the influx of thought, wearing Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Earrings easy to oxidize the black silver inlaid blue turquoise jewelry, gives the infinite beauty of ancient civilization reverie. In the country, sterling silver jewelry has gradually become a modern fashion women’s favorite choice. However, some people found that the body wearing silver was originally bright silver, actually turned into a “black gold.” So master the appropriate method to remove the silver jewelry on the black rust, so silver jewelry to become silver bright again, it is necessary.
Here to share the life of silver jewelry rust method.
The principle of rust silver jewelry silver jewelry rust
In order to quickly and effectively remove the silver jewelry on the black rust, so that jewelry re-glory, we must first understand the principle of black silver. Silver is an unstable element that is prone to chemical action with sulfur, resulting in blackening. Human sweat contains a lot of sulfur, contact with the silver, it will take effect. Moreover, if people are in some polluted environment, the air acid gas, hydrogen sulfide, nitric oxide and other compounds more time, will lead to black silver. Moreover, Cheap Van Cleef Clover Earrings silver color change may also be due to a serious shortage of ingredients. Even if the exclusion of the above, under normal circumstances, silver jewelry will be about six months to wear the surface oxidation, color becomes dim, luster.
Rust method
With cotton dipped in white vinegar to wipe, black silver sulfide dissolved in the acid, silver jewelry again shiny. Wipe with alcohol or sodium carbonate, the effect is also very good.
First wash the surface with a detergent, then sodium thiosulfate solution (100 grams of water by adding 20 grams of sodium thionate sodium preparation) cleaning, and then washed with water can be.
With tartaric acid l, alum 1 and 10 copies of salt, mixed heated to boiling, the jewelry immersion; 10 minutes after the removal, washed with water and then wipe dry.
Spray with ammonia water, or wipe with a toothpaste on the flannel, the same can restore its original luster.
Wear silver jewelry precautions
Do not wear other precious metal jewelry when wearing silverware to avoid deformation or abrasion.
Avoid contact with water vapor and chemicals, avoid swimming, especially in the sea.
Wear it every day and Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Earrings wipe it with a cotton cloth and put it in a jewelry box or bag.
Has been oxidized black, you can use a soft brush brush toothbrush, you can also hand rub soap or detergent, etc. cleaning. It is impossible to deal with clean water only scrub with water, after washing with cotton cloth to dry.
Abstract: The article introduces the difference between ordinary gold and high purity gold jewelry from concept
Abstract: The article introduces the difference between ordinary gold and high purity gold jewelry from concept, national standard and monitoring data, hoping to provide reference and help for the relevant staff.
Key words: ordinary gold; high purity gold; difference
Gold is the earliest discovery and use of metal, because of its brilliant colors, eye-catching metallic luster, excellent physical and chemical properties and rare production, more and more it will be used as precious ornaments of the material, as a symbol of wealth.
With the Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Necklace continuous progress of social development and update, the National Standardization Management Committee approved the release of GB 11887-2012 “Jewelry precious metals purity of the provisions and naming method” No. 1 amendment, since May 4, 2016 from the implementation, in order to more in line with China National conditions and market demand, the precious metals and their alloys to remove the highest range of purity range “thousands of feet”, the definition of only “foot”, that jewelry content of not less than 990 ‰ of jewelry, collectively referred to as gold.
At present, the gold jewelry on the market mainly to 18K gold, gold, thousands of gold, million gold sales, many consumers believe that the higher the higher the value of purity, spend huge sums of money to buy high-purity jewelry to wear, to highlight the distinguished Identity. What is the difference between the purity of gold jewelry it? From the following three aspects to explain in detail.
1 concept difference
From the current national standard GB 11887-2012 “jewelry precious metal purity of the provisions and naming method” proposed: 18K purity of the minimum minimum value of 750 ‰; full gold purity of the minimum value of 990 ‰; thousands of gold purity of the smallest thousand Value of 999 ‰. And pure gold it?
From the network search million gold terms, Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Necklace million gold and million gold, million gold, million pure supreme, pure gold and so on are used to describe the gold content of 99.99% of the jewelry. The basic concept is: gold content of 999.9 ‰ of gold as raw material, the use of “9999 gold welding process” processed jewelry, in accordance with corporate standards from the raw materials into the factory to the factory to track the whole process to ensure that the overall quality of the same product quality All to 999.9 ‰ of gold jewelry.
Raw materials 999.9 ‰ can be from the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Shanghai Stock Exchange referred to) verification, the No. 1 sheet material color content of 999.9 ‰. Unprocessed raw materials of its fineness of 999.9 ‰, and from the processing point of view, the purity can only be less than or equal to 999.9 ‰, rather than greater than or equal to.
From the conceptual differences,
Using the numerical representation of 750 ‰, 990 ‰, 999 ‰ is the expression of its minimum, is a range, the other means followed Cheap Van Cleef Clover Necklace by 18K, full gold, thousands of gold; and 999.9 ‰ is a numerical expression, with other means: Gold / million gold “, the expression is not established, but only as a brand.
2 national standard 
The latest standard GB 11887-2012 “Jewelry precious metals purity of the provisions and naming method” in the gold and its alloy purity up to thousands of gold, the minimum value of thousands of thousands of purity, you can understand the full amount of gold ≥ 999 ‰, the so-called 9999 or Higher purity belong to the category of thousands of gold (24K theoretical purity of 1000 ‰, the actual does not exist).
Standard GB / T 28016-2011 “gold alloy jewelry gold content of the weight method,” the scope of a chapter that: This standard applies to the determination of gold content of 700.0 ‰ ~ 999.5 ‰ gold alloy jewelry and products.
Standard GB / T 21198.4-2007 Determination of Precious Metals in Precious Metal Alloy Jewelery ICP Spectroscopy Part 4: Determination of the Precious Metals Content of Precious Metals in Precious Metals Jewelery “In the midpoint of the range, this section Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Necklace states that this part is applicable to the content of 999% Precious metal alloy jewelry.
Standard GB / T 9288-2006 “Determination of gold content of gold alloy jewelry ash blowing method (fire test method)” GB 11887-2012 designated gold alloy jewelry gold content analysis of the arbitration method, in its scope chapter that: This standard applies to the gold content of 333.0 ‰ ~ 999.5 ‰ of gold and K gold jewelry (excluding platinum, rhodium and other insoluble nitric acid components) Determination of gold content. It can be seen that the arbitration method can not distinguish the 9999 jewelry is pure purity of 999.9 ‰, has exceeded its content detection range.