In the past century, GEORG JENSEN company has maintained an elegant and refined design style. And only diamonds can fully reflect the company’s design philosophy. Crystal bright diamonds emitting a dazzling light, the perfect interpretation of Replica Cartier Love Ring GEORG JENSEN purely artistic style. It produced gold and platinum jewelry line is bright and clean, exquisite workmanship, jewelry is also set with dazzling diamonds, so each work has a unique beauty. GEORG JENSEN has launched a variety of diamond jewelry, recently to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the company, GEORG JENSEN has carefully designed a variety of stunning jewelry boutique.
Now GEORG JENSEN in 13 countries opened more than 100 stores. Pure, elegant Scandinavian (Scandinavian) century style widely respected in the world, so GEORG JENSEN has developed into one of the most well-known brands in Denmark.
‘Nordic Splendour’
Diamond is a miracle of nature, GEORG JENSEN this diamond necklace inspired by the Nordic lands on the ever-changing rare wonders: exudes glimmering peaks, majestic glaciers and endemic species have demonstrated the natural mother in the world Of the most northern to create a Fake Cartier love bracelet masterpiece. The diamonds in this work also reflect the essence of mother nature, they formed billions of years ago, each diamond has her unique mark, so each diamond is different, as it Of the wearer has its own characteristics. Diamond and Nordic rare eternal beauty for the Nordic Splendour (Nordic Light) of the designers brought inspiration. The Fake Cartier Juste Un Clou Ring platinum blade consists of 1824 carefully crafted diamonds weighing 37.62 carats. Necklace has a unique three-dimensional structure, so from every point of view will be shine. Nordic Splendour elegance and technology fully reflects the style of GEORG JENSEN jewelry.
The necklace is made of platinum and the diamonds are 37.62 carats.
H. Stern
In 1945, Hans Stern founded H. Stern in Brazil. H. Stern has now become the world’s fifth largest jewelry brand. The company produced five principles of jewelry: design superior, comfortable to wear, style and diverse, unique personality and customer satisfaction. H. Stern’s jewelery is carefully crafted by craftsmen and sold in 160 stores and jewelery stores in 15 countries around the world. Angelina Jolie at the 2004 Oscar ceremony will wear a 10 million worth of H. Stern necklace, beat Kwan Fong.
This H. Stern diamond necklace is inspired by nature’s most amazing miracle – human. Human gene chain has asymmetric arrangement and graceful curve, and the necklace of the spiral structure of the inspiration is derived from this. Necklaces were set with 1,200 diamonds, total weight of 134.82 karats, these diamonds depict every gene with a different life blueprint. The characteristics of each diamond is also different, so the whole work shines with a unique light. Mysterious and great nature for the H. Stern designers to provide a steady stream of inspiration, so that they create one after another amazing diamond ornaments boutique.
The necklace is made of gold and the diamonds Cheap Amulette de Cartier Ring are 134.82 carats.
MOUAWAD is Europe’s leading luxury jewelry brand. MOUAWAD jewelery styles, design chic trendy, its sales philosophy is quite commendable. MOUAWAD by the watchmaker David Mouawad created in 1890, for many European countries, the royal family members Cartier nail bracelet replica and Regal custom jewelry. Today, MOUAWAD inherited the company’s long tradition of continuing to modern society “royal family” – supermodel, singers, movie stars and fashionable women making necklaces, earrings and bracelets and other jewelry. Wearing MOUAWAD stars include Kelly Mino, Britney Spears, Kate Winslet and Elizabeth Taylor.
‘Love Naturally’
MOUAWAD the Necklace Love Naturally will be the natural and mysterious diamond moving and perfect combination. Rose-shaped white diamonds represent a symbol of beautiful love of the rose, because the long-lasting diamond is the best gift to express love. Necklace on a few pieces of brown oval diamond as water droplets from the 18k platinum chain gradually fall down. In Greek mythology, diamonds are gods tears, it will fall from heaven to a Knockoff Trinity de Cartier Ring pair of people who love each other, so that their love is more intense. This work by exquisite handmade and innovative design of nature, love and diamonds of the perfect combination.
Necklace made of platinum, the setting of white diamonds and brown diamonds weighing 22.87 carats.
MOUSSAIEFF is one of the world’s most prestigious senior jewelry sellers. MOUSSAIEFF was established in the mid-19th century, and in the last century 60’s moved to London. MOUSSAIEFF jewelry in the world are highly respected, as many international celebrities loved. Because the mosaic has the world’s most rare diamonds, it pushed
Out of the beautiful series of beautiful jewelry, the world-famous.
Thanks to the avant-garde design and the superb use of materials, MOUSSAIEFF each piece of jewelery by jewelry experts. The company is now headed by Alisa Moussaieff. She has a huge influence in the diamond industry, widely respected, because of her precious gemstones with professional rewards and passionate passion, she became a perfectionist, often in the world looking for high-quality gems. She will personally supervise the jewelry design and production of every detail – this has become a symbol of MOUSSAIEFF jewelry brand.
MOUSSAIEFF This brilliantly designed avant-garde ‘Sunburst’ is inspired by the formation of the universe and the birth of all things. The Big Bang of the universe Fake Cartier Ring produced light from the darkness, forming a dazzling sun and bright stars. This bracelet is the perfect expression of this mood. Bracelet in the middle of a Princess side yellow diamond weight 5.31 kt, emitting a dazzling light. It is surrounded by pink, yellow and white diamonds. MOUSSAIEFF that only through Cartier nail bracelet replica these different colors of precious diamonds to reflect the billions of years ago when the birth of the bright stars – beautiful and elegant diamond symbolizes the eternal, the perfect performance of the initial time.
The bracelet is made of gold, with pink, yellow and white diamonds and brown diamonds weighing 88.61 carats.
In 1923, SCAVIA was founded in Milan. SCAVIA is just the beginning of a small gold shop, now has become the world’s leading top jewelry sales. Tradition, passion and dedication to the United States to make SCAVIA to create a beautiful culture, has become the core of its brand.
Company CEO Fulvio Maria Scavia has won fourteen Diamond International Awards. He is committed to the superb skills and unique style of design, so each one SCAVIA jewelry exudes an elegant atmosphere, skilled craftsmanship and the perfect fusion of Italian tradition in its jewelry.
SCAVIA’s unique collection of jewelry is not only due to the use of gold and precious stones, but also because of its superior craftsmanship. Over the past 80 years, SCAVIA has always insisted on the production of each piece of jewelry, making Knockoff Cartier Nail Ring each piece of work has become a unique treasures.
‘Pioggia di Luce’
SCAVIA’s Pioggia di Luce (Rain of Light) – Light Rain Earring Inspired by a Roman legend, diamonds are said to be the product of the fragments of the shining stars in the night sky scattered over the earth. Earrings like two meteors, platinum, 240 diamonds to create a melody, the beauty of this ancient legend and the perfect interpretation of the magic out, but also make the wearer radiant. Black onyx symbolizes the black night sky, to bring out the diamond-like dazzling. This earrings fully demonstrates the Scavia works of the unique style and craftsmanship.
Earrings made of platinum and onyx, the diamonds were 20.51 carats in total weight.
STEFAN HAFNER as early as 35 years ago has entered the jewelry industry. It is located in Bologna, Italy, its works widely praised, but also by the people of the line.Cheap Cartier Trinity Ring Hafner’s parents were from Italy and Switzerland, so he will be the creativity of the Italian and the Swiss people the perfect combination of precise personality. His works are very fashion sense, the production process is also very high. But also with the company’s designers and jewelry master cooperation to meet the challenges, keen on innovation.
Hafner likes to use diamonds in his works, his motto is quoted from the famous phrase of Marilyn Monroe: “Carat is the girl’s best friend” (Carats are a girl’s best friend). In his jewelry design will always appear in different sizes of high-quality diamonds.
Stefan Hafner designed the diamond necklace Sparkle to express his feelings in the winter night when looking into the deep sky. The Romans believed that diamonds were the stars that fell in the sky. Diamond necklace on the random seamlessly embedded in platinum, like the stars in the night sky flashing. Hafner believes that the brilliance of diamonds best embodies the cold winter night sky stars. Diamonds also make the lady wear it feel good, radiant.