First of all, we look at the design from the phone up to introduce you to the Sony MN2 smart watch, the design on the appearance of what we may feel there is no special place, nothing more than an interface next to wear a few buttons only, but a watch Good or bad or depends on the practical value of how much, that is, we said the practicality. The appearance of fake cartier jewelry the same watch how to look at the effect of wearing and operation is not convenient.
Sony ME2 smart watch evaluation – similar to the iPod Nano 6 design Speaking of this smart watch, in fact, as early as a few years ago when the release of the iPod Nano 6 can be seen clues, but it seems that Joe Bangzhu that this heat is not yet, only the It made the player with a dial. But then the iPod Nano 6 has become a smart watch template, whether it is before the Motorola ACTV or debut Sony MN2, are clearly with the Nano 6 shadow.
Compared to the metal wind of the iPod Nano 6, Sony MN2 fuselage plastic sense of a sense of feeling with its more than a thousand worth some discrepancies.
Sony MN2 smart watch evaluation – the body only one button
Behind the clip design is exactly the same, but compared to the iPod Nano 6, Sony MN2 to be more concise, the body is only one key.
Sony MN2 uses a support for multi-touch function of the OLED touch screen, but from the visual experience point of view, its 1.2-inch display is not only small viewing area, 170 × 170 pixel resolution is only the electronic watch level. More importantly, this screen in the sun’s performance is really miserable, a little light it is difficult to see the contents of it, but also can not adjust the brightness.
Sony MN2 smart watch evaluation – dedicated charging interface
Since it is electronic equipment, power supply system is absolutely indispensable, and Sony MN2 uses a common built-in lithium van cleef arpels replica jewelry battery, and charging interface is hidden under the clip. However, the Sony MN2 charging port for the special design, must be charged through a dedicated charging line, versatility on the number of Android devices on the micro USB interface a lot worse, want to charge in different locations, I am afraid to add some cost.
Sony MN2 smart watch evaluation – colorful wristband
Watches have always been a lot of influx of people’s wild single product, and has always been the fashion range of children Sony also designed a variety of different colors for the MN2 strap to meet the needs of different aesthetic style users. Replace the strap method is also relatively simple, just put it into the watch clip can be.
Sony MN2 smart watch evaluation – wear effect
This is the effect of wearing slightly, quite cool it Of course, Sony MN2 as a smart watch, the biggest selling point is naturally with its smart phone features, and if simply rely on playing cool words, the author that several limited edition G-SHOCK obviously more appropriate. Let’s take a look at its intelligent function now.
Sony MN2 smart watch evaluation – Bluetooth pairing
Sony MN2 and the phone is connected using Bluetooth, paired with the same Bluetooth device is no different First of all we have to open the phone’s Bluetooth function, while long press the Sony MN2 power button, boot can see the screen, and then find the Sony ME2 on the phone side, after confirming the key password can be fully matched.
Sony MN2 smart watch evaluation – entangled phone settings pairing match, people tangled is to use the Sony MN2 intelligent features, but also from the Google official store login account to download the application called Sony Smart Watch, After the installation we need to separate SMS viewing and other functions downloaded to the phone. But because of the well-known reasons, the mainland’s mainstream mobile phones are not pre-installed Google store, and want to install the official store have to phone ROOT, which is really troublesome for ordinary users.
Sony MN2 smart watch evaluation – control mode
Some set down, and finally be able to use the Sony MN2, and this watch control entirely rely on its touch screen. This time, in order to save the display space hermes jewelry replica Sony designed for its gesture action, the most commonly used return action is done through the kneading action of the two fingers. Here we have to see what it has the function of it
Sony MN2 smart watch evaluation – telephone answering / hang up
For the car office workers, the subway, the bus is the vast majority of people desperate choice, and many times, because the car is noisy, body shaking, whether it is ringing or vibration is still easy to leak the phone, and Sony MN2 can shake the user’s arm and call on the screen prompts, to a large extent to avoid missed calls. At the same time, the user can also directly on the watch to answer and hang up the operation.
In addition, many people will be in the meeting because of the time to forget the phone and missed the phone, wearing Sony MN2 can also avoid this situation. However, it should be noted that the Sony MN2 and the distance from the phone can not be too far away, the author measured 20 meters is difficult to connect the two.
Sony MN2 smart watch evaluation – clock function
Of course, since since the watch is called, this clock function how can not be less, the Sony for the MN2 designed a variety of different styles of dial style.
Sony MN2 smart hand to everyone to complete, in the end this Sony MN2 smart watch performance? If you just from the design concept, the Sony MN2, such as looking for mobile phones, view call records and other functions are worth promoting, but because in some details Of the negligence, but also makes the practicality of the watch a lot lower. Specific this Sony MN2 smart watch hardware function is not once again to strengthen everyone or worth 18k gold cartier jewelry replica sale looking forward to.

The atomic watch is made of a shockable cesium atom
Hao Lun poetry watch series at the beginning of creation, Hao Lun poetry focus on mechanical watches and quartz watch design and production. Before and after the launch of Oyster-style constant movement series, Wei Shi Da nostalgia series of two series of watches. In the market are subject to the praise of consumers! So the world watches ranked in the Hao Lun poetry ranked first few it?
Hao Lun poetry to professional, superb tabulation process, to explore the unique charm of each watch. For every consumer to provide a trusted craftsmanship watch, luxury watches to show the charm of fashion.
Hao Lun poetry watches belong to the Swiss watch in the lower end of the watch brand, so the ranking is not very good. Grade belongs to the ranks of six categories!
In the fierce competition in smart watches in recent years, the major manufacturers have launched their own smart watch products, Intel Intel also launched its own smart watch Basis Peak. Here we take a look at this smart watch.
Intel Intel smart watch Basis Peak introduction
Basis Peak inherits Basis’s core technology of B1, which is equipped with photoelectricity heart rate sensor to record the user’s walking, running, sleep and other conditions, and monitor the heart rate, body temperature, accurate analysis of the user’s sleep and movement quality, function is very powerful The
And many smart watches, Basis Peak support with Android, iOS device connection, can receive calls, text messages, e-mail and other reminders.
In order to improve battery life, Basis Peak uses a monochrome touch screen, but the display is much more delicate than before, the screen surface with a third generation of gorilla protection glass, dial shell with aluminum alloy material.
Life, the official nominal for 4 days, in addition to support 50 meters waterproof.
Atomic watch on this strange watch classification may most people have not heard, what is the atomic watch? Atomic watch principle is what? We all want to know, the following watch home to introduce you to the atomic watch.
Atomic watch is what watch, atomic watch introduction
The atomic watch is made of a shockable cesium atom. Another material that is completely different from quartz. This substance is not attenuated, so it can maintain long hours of operation. This means that watches made with this material are not only highly accurate, but also use the time is also very long.
This cesium element of the shock will not cause van cleef arpels jewellery UK any impact on time. The main reason is that this atomic clock can show the exact time, and the installation method is very simple, the user only need to put this cesium atoms inside the clock on the line. The United States now has another idea on the clock, which connects the bell with a large radio antenna, so that their time will be more precise and favorable to the time of the whole country.
Any atomic watch is using a special radio signal, synchronized with the international general atomic clock. Some manufacturers also call it radio control watches. In any case, with an atomic watch, you can always grasp the highly accurate time.
Cloud fox A-Watch smart watch is the cloud fox era design to create a new generation of three anti-smart wear equipment, it has cloud fox tradition, excellent protection technology, equipped with IP68 three anti-function, waterproof, dustproof, shock, IP68 is present The highest level of connector waterproof rating. At the same time continue cloud fox main outdoor sports and mobile health slogan, watch built-in heart rate measuring instrument, gravity sensor, compass, barometer (thermometer), accelerometer, gyroscope and a series of functions. Can easily achieve heart rate monitoring and motion detection, and with compass and mobile phone health software to record your movement information easy to achieve health management.
The whole body is made of high-strength plastic steel, the color is very Sao Yan. Meng seems to have a Casio movement electronic watch that sense. Of course, there is this feeling quite normal, after all, is the main movement of the watch. There is nothing to set off the hands of this watch handsome appearance of the object, so do not come to what a beautiful product, and readily patted the use of life in the state look like.
If the market and a variety of smart watches have any obvious difference, it should be regarded as a screen of it The screen is color, but only the other manufacturers only light to show the content is different. This table can be the same as the regular table shows the time, of course, this time the screen is not color. From the evening check, said this is called “sunshine screen”. Sunshine screen name is called TFScreen, is a special screen material, its biggest feature is the e-ink screen and color LCD screen to switch between, so you can keep this watch “often” at the same time, to achieve long Life.
This cloud fox cool running watch, in addition to the first screen of the time display interface, there are nine other screens. Respectively, corresponding to exercise, heart rate meter, compass, looking for equipment, application, settings, notification, music, weather, nine options.
Movement as the most important use function, can be used to detect the movement of the body. After dinner at night, go out for a walk. Took fifteen minutes, showing a total of 962 steps away. Because the number has been counted in the heart, a total of 954 steps away, so it seems that the pace of the program is still very accurate. As for the 0.654 km, do not know how it is calculated.
Charging requires a specially configured charging clip. Charging clip through the watch back of the dead and mortar contacts, the watch to charge. Compared to the Moto360’s wireless cradle, this is a little bit low. And the convenience is not very good. Of course, I do not think that wireless charging is a good idea.
This cloud fox cool running watch, is a three anti-sports watch. Waterproof performance, and not as Moto360 the same “delicate”, you can rest assured that bold use. Use the “sunshine screen” is very good, colorful, but also to keep the situation in low-power real-time display content. Life compared to the smart watches on the market, can be considered excellent.