Since August 2004 landing on the beach, BIJOLI has attracted the attention of the crowd, its noble and elegant, bearing the extraordinary design and manufacturing process at first sight, eyebrows, to become the leading European romantic feelings of the leader . BIJOLI it with the European culture and customs, with the most exquisite craftsmanship Replica Van Cleef & Arpels Earrings to the most beautiful love witness; BIJOLI it contains the Oriental classical and mysterious, with the most unique interpretation of the concept of women’s fashion statement. Here to share with you BIJOLI in the four most classic series, together to feel the real feelings of Europe.
Roman series: elegant, from the cultural precipitation
The precipitation of history, the influence of culture, all of Rome seems to have a romantic elegance, customs million kinds of colors. BIJOLI launched a series of products will be deep Roman culture through the ancient Roman numerals as the main design elements into the jewelry design. To the Eastern civilization and the collision of ancient Roman culture spark so that the wearer roam in ancient Rome for thousands of years of history, romantic and elegant feel spontaneously.
Roman series of products including rings, pendants and bracelets, it is the Roman numerals as the theme, the ring for the 18K gold single ring, the middle with four shining diamonds in the ring on both sides of the diamond surface Fake Van Cleef Alhambra Earrings engraved with Roman numerals; There is a chain, four vertical three-dimensional small fall from the joint from the third from the next small fall four diamonds, the rest are in Roman numerals for the pattern; bracelet in three segments, both sides of the oval “O “Type of small chain, the middle of a period to two solid, delicate 18K gold bars, sandwiched four engraved with Roman numerals and a four gold inlaid with a small gold medal. Rome series of simple and elegant yet elegant, bright and yet luxurious, wear this group of jewelry, will make people feel the essence of modern civilization in the ancient Roman mystery of the millennium history, food for thought.
Waltz Series: The Poetic Psalm of the Starry Star
BIJOLI jewelry in the “staff” after the launch of the “Waltz” music products. The series is the European designer of “Waltz father,” the old Johann Strauss’s Waltz works for a unique interpretation, hoping to its classic handed down the music creation to smooth, gorgeous jewelry design to bring modern Oriental fashion female.
Series of products, designers use the “circle” and “point” as the basis of modeling. Bright diamonds as a pair of lovers embracing dance, and the ups and downs of the intertwined yellow and gold k gold lines, like the graceful melody of the dance steps. Smooth lines shape a lively outline of a pair of lovers in the quiet sweet star cheerful dancing under the “Waltz” aesthetic scenes; designers in order to better the “Waltz” lively, sweet music feeling shown, ingenuity The lower part of the pendant is designed to be swing-type activities. When wearing, the pendant gently jumping in the neck, Cheap Van Cleef Clover Earrings quiet is not the lack of sweet, is Bijoli jewelry products in the modern and classical beauty of the combination of design quality, but also the most pro-Lai customer a series.
Swirling Series: Streamer Shadows dream come true
Not only to the pursuit of fashion, letting the wearer experience the fun, and at the same time to evoke the kind of heart of the good love, happy life desire, this is the “spin” series of designers. This series of products to dynamic fashion modeling performance of the dream, look forward to the theme, and strive to visual and inner feelings to the consumer a “streamer rotating shadow, a dream come true” mood.
In the “spin” series, the designer ingenuity of the rings and pendants designed to be flexible in the middle of the rotating cylindrical, fashion jewelry beauty and fun in one. In the rotating jewelry, so that the wearer can spin out of their pursuit of happiness and joy;
This series of fine red, white, yellow 18K gold made a wide variety of different styles cylinder, and the surface of the laser process engraved Knockoff Van Cleef Butterfly Earrings with a beautiful Arabic numerals or fashion checkerboard pattern. Rotary series with 18K gold (platinum, gold, red gold with a different mix) and then inlaid with high-quality diamonds. It is reported that in late July, spin series will be a new product, the French “love” will appear in the new series, let us wait and see.
Charm series: the charm of the temptation is difficult to resist
BIJOLI European designers carefully designed “Charm” series of jewelry to the history of the East and the integration of Western culture as the main design point. Through the retro design techniques and strong color impact, highlighting the modern fashion women on the elegant, romantic and elegant taste of the pursuit of life. Slim and elegant design is particularly suitable for oriental women’s temperament, is dedicated to the best gift of Oriental women.
This series of products with 18K white gold to high-quality diamonds, onyx (安力士) with mosaic from. Series includes 4 pendants and 3 earrings, a total of 7 models. Fashionable and beautifully designed. Unique use of the 18K white gold, shiny diamonds and black onyx match, in black and white contrast, a noble, stylish charm naturally revealed. Charm series in the elegant slightly dynamic, both romantic and romantic French culture, but also the mysterious elegance of the East. That is suitable for demure elegance of mature women, but also access to fashionable white-collar female youth favor. Its unique shape and exquisite craft, must let you temperament extraordinary, unique.